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Chapter 1: Dr. Meins Classroom

Number of players

1-6 Players




60 minutes

Minimum age

6 years

Available: – CHILDREN VERSION From 6 to 14 years old

Knowing that the enemy army was hard on his heels, the professor had to flee from his shelter, a little village in the andorranian sierra, where he had been trying to hide working as a teacher in a local school. Several years had passed since his departure from his home in Germany, but Dr. Meins always feared that he could be discovered at any time. For that reason, he prepared everything to keep any information about the antidote safe.

He transformed his little classroom into the perfect hideaway, distributing a series of enigmas, mechanisms and riddles that would help as a guide to find it, with the only exception that once you entered the classroom, you could only leave by finding the right information.

* average price (depends on the size of the group)

(+info on the reservation form)


“Coming together is the beggining, keeping together is progress, working

together is success.” – Henry Ford