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FAQ - Frecuently asked questions


¿What is an Escape Room?

An escape room is mental and phisical game where a group of players are locked in a room and have to solve a series of riddles and puzzles in order to develope the story and escape, before the time finishes, usually 60 minutes.

Each game is usually based in a different world or location, like a space ship, a bunker, a haunted house, a killers hiddeout, a teachers classroom and a lot of different topics.

¿How long is a Session?

Each session takes usually 1 hour and 30 minutes. The game itself is 60 minutes, but before the game there will be a briefing with the instructions of the game and introduction to the story (you can download more info about each game in the section “about us”). After the game, we will spend several minutes taking a group picture, and we will send that picture to all the participants.

¿How many players can participate in each session?

Our rooms accept from 1 to 6 players. Our recomendation is to maintain a number between 3 and 5 players to enjoy the experience at its fullest, but its up to you to decide, as long as you are with your friends or family you will have fun for sure.

¿Whats the price of a session?

The price is different depending the size of the group, starting from 50€ for 1, 2 or 3 people, and as the group increases, the price for each player droppes, having a price of 13,3€ each for a group of 6.

¿Is it important to arrive on time?

Yes, it is very important to be on time to your session. It is recommended to arrive 5 minutes in advance. After 15 minutes of the start of your session, if you havent arrived yet, your reservation will be canceled. No refunds will be made for a “no show”.

¿Can i change the date of my reservation?

Yes you can, you can change your date 48 hours before to the time of your appoinment. Contact us and let us know what day and hour suits best for you, we will let you know if this date is available and change it for you.

¿What is the recomended age?

Due to the nature of the escape rooms, the participants usually are adults older than 18 years old. Otherwise, “Reloj de Arena” offers the possibility of having a group of players of 15 years old or more, if they are acompanied with at least one adult. From 7 to 14 years old, each minor shoud be accompanied with an adult, or a monitor for the entire group (included in the children version of the game).

¿Can i play if i dont speak spanish?

The Escape Room Reloj de Arena is ready to be played by spanish, english and dutch players. Just select your language version for your game when making your reservation.

¿Do i need to use my strenght to get out of the room?

Not only is not recomended, but prohibited. All the elements of the room (atrezzo, mechanisms, padlocks and so) have to be used and opened with kind and no effort, the only muscle needed is your brain. One of our premisses is: “Use your brain, not your strenght”.

¿Can i play if i am claustrophobic?

Yes, once you are in the room you will only have to enjoy our puzzles. There will be surprises, but never something unpleasant or scary. Our gamemasters will be monitoring via cameras all your gameplay for safety. Nevertheless, for you to feel safer, you will have inside the room a safety mechanism to open the door whenever you want, you can get out anytime and the game will be finished.


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